Slayers is an UAE-based young team of highly motivated marketing, design and development fanatics who came together in a quest to crush inefficient marketing.

We strive for perfection, precision and flexibility in each tailor-made solution for our clients. Our vast first-hand experience on both sides of the marketing battlefield (client and agency) allows us deep understanding of corporate or small business struggles without sacrificing creativity.

We are the reliable business partner you've been looking for. Let's start working today!
Strategy & Marketing
Mars, IQOS, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, OMD Optimum Media
Stella Svyatskaya
Creative Direction
Canon, G-Shock, Guess,
Alexey Shteyman
BAT, JTI, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Coca Cola, L’Occitane
Vladimir Rulevsky
Strategy Lead
Glamour, Vogue, Future History Studio
Alexandra Tyurina
For your thoughts