From a small vegan startup with a single person operation. Over a few years, their website grew to over 75,000 monthly website visits and became a highly profitable business. With a small team and limited resources, they turned to us take their SEO (and their business) to the next level and scale beyond 6 figures.
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The problem
The client came to us with a few key problems. First, their website authority hit a peak; they couldn't increase it with regular bought links. Second, it was becoming difficult to identify new, profitable keywords. Last but not least, revenue and profit were starting to lag behind traffic as total published pages increased.
Our Strategy
Our strategy was to identify new keyword opportunities, publish fresh content at scale - tripling total page count in 6 months - and build a foundation of new backlinks from DR 70+ publishers like American Express and Readers' Digest.
Our client won over 50 media mentions, 40 of which came with valuable backlinks. We published over 200 new content pages, 128 of which started generating 200 monthly visitors (or more). When we started working with the client, their traffic value was around $48,000; we ended up growing it by over 150%. Monthly profits have gone up by 2x+ since then.
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